A professional solution
based on nature

BOS Asia Sdn Bhd is a One Stop Solar System Provider, with solutions and designs bursting with innovation and practicality across a myriad of industries and applications.

Power, all the time.

Easily configure complex requirements with our solutions
for your business or for specific purposes.



Unlimited configurations, output generation, upgradability and monitoring capabilities.


BOS (Asia) Sdn Bhd is engineering trading company which provides one stop solutions to all its clients to suit a variety of situations. The Exclusive distributor & Representative in Malaysia and Southeast Asia for established Power Generation brands, BOS (Asia) Sdn Bhd also provides strong after sales service, consultancy and trainings in relation to its installations.

Elegant Designs

Aesthetically pleasing and well thought designs - serving their purpose and looking good at the same time.

Awesome Features

From power generation to charging, features are plentiful including interacting online via Apps for your convenience.

Powerful Output

Flow stability is important. All our products ensure reliable output at all times for safety and peace of mind.

Take Control of Solar Energy With Ease,
with our Cost Effective Solutions!

BOS Asia products have a set of features, options and tools make it the most versatile Solar Conversion Provider in the market by allowing you to take control of virtually every aspect of the solution. The powerful customization options & features give you flexibility to create the system you want.



We have everything you need to get your new solar generation system up and running in no time!
CLEAN ENERGY provides reliable power supplies and fuel diversification, which enhance energy security, lower risk of fuel spills, and reduce the need for imported fuels. Renewable energy also helps conserve the nation's natural resources.

Creative and DynamicAdaptive and FlexibleEver-ready to serve you.

Dynamically innovative resource-safe and with excellent customer service for state of the art products. We actively assist and support our clients through every step of the way.

Surpassing globally compliant standards and with scalable benefits according to budget. Quickly disseminate superior photo voltaic electrical conversion to various applications. Quickly drive catalysts for change in existing architectures. Credibly reintermediate backend ideas for cross-platform models. Continually reintermediate integrated processes through technically innovative products.



Climatologists warn that the Earth is steadily getting hotter. Unless we reduce our carbon footprint, this will continue to happen to a point that severe climate change will affect how we live on this planet. As such it is important to reduce our dependancy on fossil fuels and pollution generating forms of power generation.


BOS (Asia) Sdn Bhd is engineering trading company which provided one stop solution  to our clients and customers.  We are the Exclusive distributor & Representative of top brands in Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

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